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Top 3 Reasons Getting a Title Loan Beats Selling Your Car

In today’s world, the ongoing struggling to find emergency cash during a financial crisis can prove to be quite a challenge for many American families. With too many bills and not enough savings to cover unexpected expenses, it’s no wonder so many people resort to selling their valuables just to get by. Some may even go as far as selling their car to get out of their financial struggles, but this is exactly the type of scenario where a title loan could be a better option.

A title loan could put up to $2,500 in a qualified individual’s hands in as little as 30 minutes. In case you haven’t heard of this type of financial product, title loans are short-term loans that available to vehicle owners, regardless of their credit history. They are secured by the lien-free title to the borrower’s vehicle and paid back over the course of a month or two, depending on the terms of the loan.

Wondering if a title loan is right for you? That will depend on your circumstances, but there are three main reasons why getting a title loan is a better choice than selling your vehicle for the majority people.

You Keep Your Car While Repaying

One of the main advantages of a title loan is you keep and drive your vehicle while making your payments. That means you get the cash you need without sacrificing your main source of transportation in the process. We all need our cars to carry on with our daily lives. The majority of Americans rely on their vehicles to get to work, pick up their kids from school, run errands and visit family and loved ones.

Selling your car may put a large chuck of cash in your bank account, but only for a time. After the money’s gone, you’re ultimately left with no money and no car. If you need cash now, you should avoid selling your car at all costs. Title loans are a fast, easy and convenient way to get cash using your car’s value without sacrificing the vehicle itself.

Title Loan Cash Is Fast

Another advantage of getting cash with a title loan is the speed. Selling a car can take a fair amount of time and effort, which could be used to focus on matters that are more important and pressing. Between researching your car’s current market value, advertising your car online and replying to several questions from complete strangers throughout the day, selling your car could prove to be a time-consuming hassle. In many cases, it takes weeks to sell a car. But with title loans, getting cash for your car’s title is a quick and easy process that only takes a few moments out of your day.

Selling Your Car Is a Hassle

And finally, selling your car can be a big hassle. As mentioned before, there’s a number of steps involved in selling a vehicle. The title loan process takes all those steps out of the equation while putting cash in your hands directly without any of the work or stress involved in the selling process. 

So are you ready to get a title loan? It’s easy to get started. All you need to do is fill out a simple online request form and in minutes a friendly store representative will contact you by phone to get the process started. They’ll go over your information and answer any questions you may have about getting a title loan. Once you’re done on the phone, all that is left to do is drive your vehicle and the required items to a store location to finish up.

With just a quick inspection of your car and a few moments of your time, you could walk away with up to $2,500 in cash that you could start spending now to put your financial challenges behind you. Title loans are a quick and easy way to pocket extra cash today without giving up your wheels, so before you consider putting your car up for sale, why not find out what a title loan could do for you today?