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Beat the Post-Holiday Blues by Paying Off Your Debts

Christmas is finally over and a New Year has begun. You should be feeling pretty refreshed and relaxed right about now, right? But if you’re feeling down in the dumps after a fun-filled holiday season, you may have what most have come to call the “post-holiday blues.”

There are actually many things that can contribute to feeling down after the holidays. The fun is over, family and friends are headed back home, the tree and pretty decorations are all boxed up in the garage. Now it’s time to get back the old familiar routine of work and school.

But one of the main contributors to feeling depressed after the holidays is the financial strain we place on ourselves to pay for all the Christmas festivities. With all that debt, it’s hard to feel anything but down. If this sounds like you, don’t worry. It can happen to the best of us.

There’s always a way to sort out the messes we find ourselves in, and you don’t always need to turn to an auto title loan to accomplish it. Here are some helpful tips on how to get your finances back in order and beat the post-holiday blues:

Make a Plan

The first step to beating the post-holiday blues is to develop a plan. Having a strategy for paying off your debt will give you the direction to keep you motivated to get out of debt. With significant credit card debt, most people try to pay off their balances within a 1 or 2-year period.

Sit down with your credit card statements and figure out how much money you will need to allocate towards your credit card bills each month to reach your goal within your designated time period. If your circumstances change, you will need to adjust your timeframe or budget accordingly.

Stop Charging

If you’re going to beat the post-holiday blues, you’re obviously going to need to put the credit cards away and stop charging any more items. By retiring your credit cards, you can pay down their balances much quicker and avoid the temptation to spend beyond your means.

Keep Things Simple

Once you have developed a plan to pay down your credit card debt, it’s time to put it into effect. The less you spend in general, the less likely you’ll be to find yourself in a spot where you’re tempted to turn to credit cards again.

Avoid plans to go out and cut back on leaving the house if you can help it. Want to go to the movies? Stay home and watch something on Netflix. Want to go out with friends? Invite them over to hang out. If you do less, you’ll spend less.

Learn from Past Mistakes

The wise person always learns from their mistakes. By examining how you’ve mishandled your holiday spending in the past, you can develop strategies to handle it differently in the future. This way, you avoid facing the same post-holiday blues all over again next year.

Work on a Project

Need a way to kill some time without spending money? Why not work on a project? Keeping busy around the house is a very effective way to curtail the urge to spend. Whether it’s sweeping out the garage, cleaning out the closets or rearranging your furniture, you can find creative and productive ways to spend your time without spending your money.

Use Online Services

Get out of the post-holiday blues even quicker with help from financial apps like Tally and Mint. Mint, a very well-known and worthwhile online financial tool, can help you keep track of your budget at a glance. Simply connect your bank account and monthly expenses and you’re all set. Mint does all the work for you as it displays colorful graphics that show you where your money is going in real time. Tally, another helpful online tool, will help qualifying users take control of their credit cards by offering a lower interest credit line, which Tally uses to help pay your credit card bills for you, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in interest.

Talk to Your Family

If you’re feeling down about your finances, don’t hesitate to talk to your family. It’s important to remember that your family is there for you and it pays to open up to them about whatever problems you may be going through. Whether you choose to talk to your parents or your spouse, venting about your situation to someone close to you is sure to ease your stress.

So if you’ve got a bad case of the post-holiday blues, chin up! There’s no reason to mope around and feel bad about it. Get up, put your game face on and tackle your debt head-on. Things are rarely as bad as they seem, and as you use these tips to beat your debt, you’ll find that even the worst of financial scenarios can be overcome with patience and persistence.