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9 Ways to Save Money and the Planet

September 22, 2018 | By Mason Roberts

There are many ways to save the planet and save money at the same time, whether big or small. Changes you make in your everyday life can even keep some extra change in your pocket, while preserving our planet for the next generation.


The number one way to save the planet is simpler than you think. Repurpose your plastic and glass. Before throwing away your Chinese takeout containers and empty milk cartons, think about the many uses you may have for these items. Perhaps you could reuse Chinese food containers to store leftovers, or upcycle that milk jug into the perfect watering can, and could even be used as flower pots to place soil into to grow your own fruits and veggies. This limits the amount of plastic you are putting back into the environment, and gives you containers that can eliminate extra spending on buying new ones for your home. Growing your own fruits and vegetables also means you save the planet and save some money by having your own produce section in your backyard.

Limit Paper Products

The higher the demand of paper products calls for the increase in cutting down our planet’s trees. By limiting the amount of paper products you use, you are a big part in helping to preserve our environment. You can do this by simply using email instead of letters and snail mail. If you have an invitation to send, there are many websites available to send them through email instead of the postal service. You can also save paper by using both sides. Some printers even have the option for double-sided printing. By doing this, you're saving paper in more ways than one!

Drive Eco-friendly Vehicles

The excess amount of cars on the road, throughout the years, has caused a major exhaust problem in our urban environments. Nowadays there are many hybrid vehicle options that save gas and the amount of waste produced. This will help you save money in a big way, especially with the increased gas prices. If you're already in a tight spot, saving here and there may not be enough to get you out of that bind, but there are other options like car title loans that may be right for you. This will give you that extra cash to get you back onto your feet.

Save Water

Saving water not only saves us money on our water bill, but also preserves the planet’s water supply in a major way. This is one of the easiest tasks to achieve. There are many ways that we waste water in our home each day without even realizing it. For example, when you brush your teeth, do you keep the water running? By simply shutting the water while you brush your teeth and turning it back on to rinse your toothbrush can help reduce your impact. Another quick and easy way to eliminate waste is to only turn your shower on when you are about to get in. Many of us turn on the shower 5-10 minutes before we are ready to get into it. Wait until you are 100% ready to get into the shower before you turn it on.

These tips and tricks may seem small, but they can make a big difference when it comes to preserving the planet. They can also fill your pockets with extra money you never even knew you had, just from saving resources.