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7 Ways to Save on Labor Day Travel

July 30, 2018 | By Louis Tully

It’s been recently predicted that over 35 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles or more for Labor Day weekend. This traveling trend keeps climbing every year showing that more and more people are taking advantage of the 3-day weekend. While there’s nothing wrong with taking the occasional vacation, the cost of reaching your destination might make it hard to go again. Don’t come home broke and in need of auto title loans. Here are 7 ways you could save on Labor Day travel:

Check For Last Minute Bargains

Hotels stays can be a budget-buster on any vacation. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying some time away this Labor Day weekend. You can always find last minutes deals on sites like or A little bit of shopping around online could save you a bundle on your hotel stays.

Compare Car Rental Prices

If renting a car is in the plans this Labor Day weekend, be sure to compare prices from varying car rental companies. You might even be able to get a discount if you go through your warehouse store membership. Warehouse stores such as BJ’s, Sam’s Club and Costco offer travel service sites that could help you save big on vacation packages, car rentals, hotels and cruises.

Try Camping

Since most hotel rooms can run as high as $200 a night, why not try camping out for one of those nights? Camping won’t only save you a few Benjamins, but it’ll also give you and your family a memorable time together under the stars. You may have to rough it for a night, but the money you’ll save is definitely worth it and who knows, you and your family may really like being out in the great outdoors!

Use Your Phone’s GPS App

Gas is cheaper now than it’s been in a long time, but it still costs money. Conserve as much gas as possible by using your GPS app to find the most gas-efficient route. You might be able to avoid pricey tolls this way too.

Check For the Lowest Gas Prices

Save money next time you fill up by finding the nearest gas station offering the lowest gas prices. Sounds tough, right? Wrong! Apps like GasBuddy and Gas Guru make it easy to find the cheapest gas, so you can keep more in your wallet while you’re on the road. Download a free gas app before taking your trip this Labor Day weekend to help maximize your savings. While you’re at it, feel free to shop around for other finance apps that can help you save money.

Try Out the Free Attractions

Wherever your trip winds up taking you, try to stick to free attractions. No matter where you’re planning to spend your 3-day weekend, you’re sure to find some fun happenings nearby that won’t require opening your wallet. Beaches, parks, local events and fairs are just some of the things you’re likely to discover.

Be flexible

No matter what, remember to stay flexible by approaching your trip with an open mind. Getting stuck on a specific agenda may actually cost you money if you’re not willing to open up to more affordable options.