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7 Affordable Father's Day Gifts That Dad Will Love

After the holidays, birthdays and Mother’s Day have come and gone, it’s finally dad’s turn to shine on Father’s Day. It’s that time of year we traditionally struggle to find the perfect gift for the man who has everything he needs already. There are all sorts of great gift you could get for your dad, but not all of them have to come with expensive price tags. For example, if you’re looking for a cash advance to make ends meet, you may want to consider getting dad something a little more modest this year. If you want to show him how much you care, but you can’t budge from your budget, here are 7 affordable Father’s Day gift ideas that your dad will definitely love:

The T-shirt

When in doubt, you can never go wrong by getting your dad a t-shirt. Everyone loves t-shirts, and you can never have enough of them. The key to the perfect tee is finding one that not only fits your dad’s body, but also his personality. If your dad likes cars, get him a car-themed tee. If anything sci-fi tickles his fancy, a UFO t-shirt would probably do the trick. T-shirts are affordable and there’s tons to choose from. Walmart and Target sell men's novelty tees for around $7.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach has a breakfast sandwich maker that’s a must-have for anyone who looks forward to that first meal of the day. It’s priced at around $20 and can be found in most department stores. Help your dad start his day off right with a delicious ham, egg and cheese sandwich he can make at home in just 5 minutes. If your dad’s a breakfast guy, you can bet he’ll use his Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker almost every day.


Is your pops an aspiring handyman? Even if he’s not, a home repair tool set will provide him with everything he needs to take care of things around the homestead. Tool sets come in many configurations, with some cost way more than others. But if your dad’s like most, a standard low-cost toolset from your local big box store or home center should give him everything he needs to handle most repairs around the house.

Beard Essentials

Does your father have a beard or other type of facial hair? Help him trim the hedges around his face with a beard bib. It makes cleanup so much easier, and most beard trimming essential kits on the market are available for around $30 or less. You can find very affordable beard kits on Amazon or at most retailers.

Gift Basket

If you want to have fun with dad’s Father’s Day gift, you could always put together a nice little gift basket filled with goodies he’ll love. Fill up his basket with a coffee mug, some snacks, a DVD, etc. Sometimes a bunch of little gifts are just as great as one big one. Jot down a list of all the things your dad enjoys and put it all together in a nice package created just for him.

Get His Favorite Snacks

Dads love their snacks, so get his favorite cookies, candies and chips from the store and put them all together in a nicely wrapped package for him. Picking him up some munchies from the store won’t break the bank and though they may disappear faster than it took you to buy them, he’ll be super happy all the same.

A Card & Mug

If nothing else, get your pop a card and write something heartfelt in it to make him understand how much you appreciate everything he has done for you. Add to that a mug that says, “#1 DAD” on it (or something like that) and you have a truly winning combination. It may seem like a small gesture, but it’s one that’s filled with love and sentiment to make dad happy on his big day.

The bottom line is, it doesn’t take much to please your dad because he already loves you so much. So don’t stress about getting him the perfect gift or spending too much money on something he doesn’t need. Just think of what makes him happy and make it happen. It could be as small as a card and a chance to hang out and talk for a while. Whatever you do will probably be enough to make dad the happiest guy on the block this Father’s Day.