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4 Ways Title Loans Could Help You to Plan Your Proposal

Getting ready to pop the question? Before you get down on one knee, you should be asking yourself if your finances are ready for such a big commitment. There's no point in rushing something like marriage without first asking yourself, "Are my finances in order?" and "Do I have enough money saved to buy a home and start a family?"

If your answer is no, you would be well-advised to make sure these crucial financial bases are covered before even considering putting a ring on anyone's finger. But if a financial emergency is keeping you from even starting the process, title loans could help you get the breathing room you need to overcome those financial barriers. Here's 4 ways a title loan could help you prepare to pop the big question:


Like death and taxes, bills are the other absolute certainty of life. We all have to pay up for the necessities of modern life: water, electric Internet, food, transportation, etc. It's important to make sure you're caught up on all these expenses before you get married. If you've fallen behind on your bills, a title loan could provide the fast cash you need to get back on track. If the late fees and disconnection notices have you at your wit's end, help is only 30 minutes away with a title loan.


Though it's been pounded into our heads over and over by financial experts to avoid using credit, the truth is you need credit in order to make those big, post-marriage purchases such as a house or a car. But having credit cards can put you in a tough spot when you're broke. Instead of using your credit cards to cover expenses between paychecks, you could use a title loan instead. Title loans could put extra cash in your pockets without negatively affecting your credit score.

Financial Emergencies

We all get hit with financial emergencies from time to time, but not everyone knows what to do when they rear their ugly heads. If you're like most people these days, you probably don't have an emergency savings set up. So what can you do when a financial crisis hits? You could find fast financial relief from a title loan lender in your area, especially if you are getting ready to tie the knot.

Financial Relief

Engagement rings don't come cheap, and if you recently put a hefty down payment on a ring, you might be in need of some extra cash right about now. A title loan could put you back on steady ground while you wait on your next payday.

When preparing to pop the big question, it is essential to look back and see if your finances are ready for what lies ahead. Money problems come and go, but marriage is supposed to be forever. Don't let something as fleeting as a financial bump in the road hold you back from starting the next exciting chapter of your life.