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How To Pay A Tennessee Speeding Ticket If You Can't Afford It

Recently ticketed for speeding in Tennessee? Chances are you did not factor that ticket into your monthly expenses, so it makes sense if your financial situation does not allow such payment at the moment.

Well, don't worry because it’s not the end of the world. There are a number of other options you can utilize to pay speeding ticket in Tennessee and handle the situation at hand without a bank-breaking payment.

Read on and find out what option might work best for you if you can’t afford to pay a speeding ticket in Tennessee.

6 Ways To Pay A Speeding Ticket In Tennessee That Don’t Break The Bank

Following are the options you may want to consider to pay a speeding ticket in Tennessee while you’re short on cash:

1. Request A Reduction

You have the option of asking the judge to lower the cost of your fine if you have evidence that demonstrates that you are unable to pay the amount on the ticket. This requires proof of your earnings showing that you are unable to do so.

If you give the judge an explanation of the circumstances surrounding the violation, it is possible that they will reduce the amount of the fine.

Some of the judges in traffic court are quite kind when it comes to reducing fines, and they will do so for practically everyone who appears before them.

2. Obtain An Extension

Another option to consider in order to pay speeding ticket in Tennessee is getting an extension. You may want to ask for more time to pay the fine on your ticket if you expect that you won't have the necessary funds until your next payday or until you receive money from other expected resources.

3. Payment Plans

Alternately, payment plans are an option. A traffic citation can become rather costly when all fees and legal expenses are accounted for. Some individuals cannot pay the full sum at once but can make monthly installments. 

In general, payment plans are quite flexible. Therefore, even if you cannot make a payment on time, inform the clerk; it is likely that you can change your payment schedule later on.

4. Traffic School

Ticketed drivers may also choose to attend traffic school in lieu of paying a traffic ticket. The judge may allow you to attend traffic school in instead of paying the whole or a portion of your fine.

Typically, a traffic school is far less expensive than paying a traffic fine. In addition, completion of traffic school will typically avoid demerit points from appearing on your driving record and prevent insurance premium hikes.

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5. Community Service

In lieu of paying a fine, drivers may be eligible to pay speeding ticket in Tennessee by conducting community service. Consequently, if you've got more time than money, you may like to inquire about community service opportunities.

6. Fight Your Ticket

Even if you are convicted of the traffic violation, you may be able to use some defenses to contest the ticket. This may result in the dismissal of the ticket or its reduction to a lesser offense with a penalty you can afford. It may also result in less severe long-term penalties, such as a permanent felony conviction, points on your driving record, and increased vehicle insurance premiums.

Consequences Of Unpaid Speeding Ticket

Whatever you do, DON’T ignore or delay paying your speeding ticket in Tennessee. Ignoring a speeding ticket can only exacerbate the situation. Unpaid tickets typically result in more fines, collection agency involvement, and an eventual driving ban.

Depending on the circumstances, disregarding a traffic ticket may potentially result in criminal charges and an arrest warrant for failing to make a court appearance.

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Get Started Now!

Leaving your speeding ticket unpaid can lead to fines and further infractions. But if you just don’t have the wiggle room in your monthly budget to pay off a ticket, then you should consider some of the options we have listed above. If none of those work for you, then you always have the option of a title loan from Tennessee Title Loans, Inc.!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.
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