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We Shortlisted The Best 5 Tennessee Christmas Vacation Places Right Here

Having a Tennessee Christmas vacation is almost guaranteed to make your holidays magical. You are going to be left with absolutely no shortage of places to enjoy this holiday season. Let's go over some of our favorite picks and show you how to enjoy them without having to worry about emergencies by considering a car title loan.

The Best 5 Christmas Vacation Destinations In Tennessee

1. Nashville, TN

For many, Nashville, Tennessee is going to be the top Tennessee Christmas vacation destination. The city is alive throughout the year. However, when Christmas rolls around, it gets even better.

There are plenty of Christmas events happening throughout Nashville. Just about everywhere you look, you are going to be able to enjoy some stunning Christmas lights too. The city is packed with them.

One of the coolest things about Nashville will be the Christmas traditions that they follow. For example, there will be a variety of restaurants throughout the city that run Victorian dinners. Here, you dress up as a Victorian and go and eat a traditional Victorian Christmas feast. Monell's is probably going to be the most popular destination for this.

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2. Gatlinburg, TN

For many people, the holiday season screams 'skiing'. After all, how can you let all that snow go to waste?

Because Gatlinburg, Tennessee is in the Great Smokey Mountains, there will be plenty of awesome skiing resorts throughout the area. Do bear in mind that you are probably going to need to book that Tennessee Christmas vacation early. Those ski resorts get filled up pretty quickly.

Don't want to ski? There is still plenty to see and do throughout Gatlinburg over Christmas. This means beautiful lighting and plenty of awesome shopping opportunities!

3. Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga, Tennessee may not be the largest place in the state. However, sometimes, we need a little break from it all. Even the smallest of escapes can work wonders for our mind and body. Chattanooga is one of those laid-back Tennessee Christmas vacations.

You won't be getting the hustle and bustle that you would have in other towns and cities, which is lovely. However, you will still be able to enjoy some amazing Christmas lights and a variety of markets and shows.

This is one of our favorite places to head for Christmas, if only for the fantastic outdoor ice-skating experience that they offer.

4. Memphis, TN

We are back to bigger places with the fourth place on our list. Of course, while the bigger places are going to be immensely busy around the Christmas season, this does mean that there is going to be a whole lot going on.

Memphis, Tennessee has opportunities to meet Santa, Christmas markets, and thousands upon thousands of Christmas lights. There is going to be something different to do every single day of your vacation.

Of course, because Memphis is a popular destination for tourists, there are plenty of fantastic hotels that you can stay in here. There is something to suit almost every budget.

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5. Knoxville, TN

Let's wrap up with Knoxville, Tennessee. The whole reason behind going to Knoxville at Christmas is so that you can experience the Christmas in the City event. The entire city center changes for the event.

Everybody takes part, lighting up their homes and storefronts. It is an experience that is unrivaled by anywhere else in Tennessee. 

There will be a lot to explore while this is going on too. It may even be an opportunity to do some of your Christmas shopping. This is because there will be a whole host of markets happening throughout Knoxville. Take the opportunity to pick up some great food and drink too!

How To Enjoy Christmas Despite Potential Emergencies?

As great as it can be to dream of a Tennessee Christmas vacation, we know that it isn’t easy to let your mind relax and forget about possible emergency expenses during Christmas.

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Worry-Free Tennessee Christmas Vacation

Spending a Tennessee Christmas vacation is a straightforward way to fill your holidays with joy and happiness, and the destinations on our list only add more to that.

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