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How to Save Money on Your Vacation

March 3, 2020 | Daniel Dewitt

Vacations are all about relaxing. They’re a chance to kick back and let go of the stress of everyday life, the rat race we all find ourselves a part of no matter how much we’d prefer not to be. And most of us deserve to have a good and thorough vacation. But you know what most of us don’t deserve? To go into debt over it.

Even for those of us blessed enough to get paid vacation from work, there’s no getting around the fact that vacations cost money. Travel, hotels, eating out, activities: each can be just as expensive as the last. And it’s hard to relax when you’re stressed about how your relaxing is costing you money.

To alleviate the problem, here are two simple tips on how to keep your costs low when traveling.

Drive or Fly?

This is the eternal debate when it comes to vacations. Sometimes it’s a foregone conclusion; anywhere outside of the continental United States is a must fly, as is any place over a day or two of driving away. And there’s no denying that flying is far more relaxing than having to spend hours on the road watching the miles tick slowly by.

The counterpoint to the above is that driving is cheaper than flying right? Well, not exactly. There are several online calculators that calculate the difference in cost between driving and flying, and each shows that for any drive over six or seven hours it’s actually cheaper to fly because of gas and wear and tear on your car.

Of course, it’s important to remember that tickets can swing wildly in cost. Which brings us to...

Hunt for Cheap Tickets

Why exactly do airline tickets swing so wildly in cost? The answer is that airlines actually have fairly thin profit margins, and thus any even half-empty flight costs them money. They’d much prefer to sell a seat for $50 then none because the cost for flying the plane is the same whether it’s full or empty.

The best way to be sure to get a cheap ticket is to plan ahead and know which flight you want, then simply wait and check in on the ticket price every day or so. At some point, it will most likely dip and you can snap it up for much lower than it would be normally.

Plan Ahead

There’s nothing like coming back from a vacation, happy and sated, and then have a catastrophe like a medical emergency or car breakdown hit you. You’ve just spent a chunk of your savings on your vacation, and so where’s the money going to come from to handle the emergency?

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