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Not Ready for the Holiday Season? How a Title Loan Can Help

Let’s face it, there are few things in this world that are more highly anticipated than the holidays. Between the shiny lights, colorful decorations, home-baked cookies and our favorite holiday movies playing on repeat, it’s enough to make anyone’s heart grow 3 sizes in one day. We all look forward to this wonderful time of year, but we often forget how stressful the holidays can be.

Though it’s often the furthest thing from our minds, the Christmas cheer we all love can come at a high cost. In the midst of all the merriment, it’s easy to throw caution to the wind and start swiping credit cards, leaving us facing the New Year with a bunch of debt and little in the savings. Sound familiar? Well, fear not, because here’s how a title loan could fund your holiday fun.

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Make a Plan

First off, if you don’t have a plan in place, getting off track with your finances is inevitable, regardless of what time of the year it is. And in the case of the holidays, the risk is even higher.  So, long before you trim the tree, it is essential to create a financial plan for the holidays first. Take a good look at your income and compare it against your fixed expenses.

By doing this, you’ll have a clear picture of how much you actually have to spend this holiday season. Is it enough? If not, try to find some ways to generate the extra cash. You could sell off some unused items from around your house, pick up a part-time job or seek out some odd jobs helping out friends and family. After all, we could all use a little extra help this time of year.

Get a Title Loan

While not meant to be used for dealing with long-standing financial problems, a title loan could come in handy when you are facing financial pressures that require fast cash. If an emergency comes up and you’ve already spent all your money shopping for presents, a title loan could provide the financial relief you need to make it through the holidays.

Title loans are relatively easy to be approved for, and all that’s required to qualify is a lien-free title from a vehicle you own, your driver’s license and your vehicle for inspection purposes. In as little as 30 minutes, you could drive away from your local title loan store with the extra cash you need to make your holiday bright again.

Prepare for Next Year

If this holiday season proved to be more stressful than cheerful, it’s a good idea to start preparing now so you can enjoy a brighter holiday season next year. Come up with a savings plan and stick to it through the year. The 52-week savings challenge is a popular and effective strategy you could use to get yourself ready for next year’s holiday season. Simply set aside a small amount of cash from every paycheck for the upcoming year.  

It may sound difficult, but it’s actually been proven to work for people who struggle to save otherwise. You start by setting aside $1 the first week, then $2 the second week, $3 on the third week and so on. By the end of the year, you’ll set aside $52 from your final paycheck and have a grand total of $1,378.00 in savings. Then you’re really ready for the holidays! 

If you’re not financially prepared for this holiday season, keep in mind you don’t have to feel pressured to go above and beyond your means. Keep it simple and spend only what your budget allows. There are plenty of affordable alternatives you could use to celebrate the holidays and even have some fun while doing it. Sites like Pinterest and GoodHouseKeeping offer a ton of clever and creative gift ideas you could put together yourself without spending a ton of cash in the process.