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How to Start Gardening on a Budget to Save Money this Spring

We all struggle financially at times, and if you've used a title loan to navigate a recent financial emergency, you may be looking for affordable family activities to enjoy this spring. Gardening is a perfect way to make the most of the beautiful spring season, and it could even save some you some money in the long-term. If starting your own garden is in your plans this year, here's how you can do it without withering away your savings.

Make Some Gardening Friends

Got any friends with a green thumb? Seek out their advice on how to get your gardening project started. Chances are, they have a bunch of money-saving ideas that you could put into practice when starting your own garden.

Plan Ahead

If you want to save on any venture, you have to plan ahead. Without planning, it's easy to overdo it and spend money on materials and supplies you don't really need. Figure out what kind of garden you want to grow and what items you'll need to get the job done.

Use Compost

Compost is basically free fertilizer. Instead of buying additives to enrich your soil every year, you can make your own for zero dollars. Used coffee grounds make for a perfect compost base. You can also add leftover scraps of fruit and veggies. Pick the egg shells out of your garbage and crush them up to add calcium to your compost. Biodegradable garbage supports healthy growth for your plant life, so waste not, want not.

It's All in the Seeds

Seeds are cheaper than buying starter plants. Though you may be tempted to get a head start on your garden by purchasing costly established plants, seeds will ultimate do the same job at a fraction of the cost. You simply need to get a plan in place and get your garden project started a little earlier.

Minimize Your Use of Tools

When you're new to the world of gardening, you might believe that the more tools you have, the better off your garden will be. But this isn't really the case unless you plan on making gardening your day job. It only takes 4 simple tools to grow a successful garden:

  • A shovel
  • A spading fork
  • A gardening hoe
  • Gardening shears

Keep your tools clean and stored in a safe, dry area so you'll never have to spend more money on replacements.

Ditch the Chemicals and Go Organic

Though they may keep the bugs away, chemicals pesticides are expensive and harmful for the environment. It's always better to go organic, especially if you plan to eat any of the produce you're growing.

Less is More

When deciding on what to grow in your new garden, try to keep the variety small and simple at first. Make a list of some easy to grow vegetables and herbs that are family favorites and try to narrow it down from there. You could always add to your garden in the future, but when starting out, stick to the basics. You'll save money and minimize your workload.

So if a title loan or a payday loan has been helping you to stay afloat, these gardening tips could help you to enjoy your spring while sticking to a budget, and come summer harvest, your efforts will be rewarded with a smaller food bill.