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Cut Costs and Pounds With These Healthy Meal Ideas

March 6th, 2020 | Daniel Dewitt

One of the most contradictory dynamics in America today is the way we’re all trying to lose weight, while at the same time the fast-food industry reaps billions each year. How does that happen? The answer is simple but depressing: cost often trumps weight loss.

The truth is that healthy foods are often some of the costliest. Brussel sprouts are healthier than french fries, but they’re also more expensive per pound (not to mention a lot harder to make taste good). There are some cheap, healthy foods out there though, and we’re here today to share them with you. With just a little forethought, planning, and preparation, you can eat healthy without also breaking the bank.


Oatmeal is a breakfast mainstay for a reason. It’s quick to prepare and contains lots of fiber and protein while also being a good base to add on other elements like raisins or nuts. For maximum health, skip premade boxes of oatmeal and instead opt for steel coat oats which are far healthier and less sugary.

And speaking of sugar, instead of ladling in spoonsful to make your oatmeal sweeter, instead try adding a dash of cinnamon. Often it’ll give the oatmeal the taste kick it needs.


If you get tired of oatmeal, another healthy breakfast option is eggs. Eggs are low on calories but high in protein, and can be prepared in a truly dizzying amount of different ways: hard-boiled, soft boiled, hard scrambled, soft scrambled, sunny side up, in an omelet, etc..

The sheer variety of ways you can prepare eggs means it’ll take you a long time to get tired of them, and just like oatmeal, eggs are a great base to add other vegetables or seasonings.


When most of us picture a midday snack, what we tend to picture is potato chips or something equally crunchy and unhealthy. But you know something that’s both crunchy and healthy? Nuts.

Nuts are incredibly high in protein and nutrients while also being low fat and low carb. They’re great for a burst of energy when you need it between meals without also ruining your appetite. Whether it be peanuts, pistachios, or almonds, almost any kind of nut will keep you going without also adding to your waistline.

Be Ready

We are what we eat, but sometimes even eating healthy and inexpensively isn’t enough when disaster strikes. Whether it’s a medical emergency, an urgent car repair, or a sudden bill when a financial emergency strikes you can’t just regurgitate money you’ve already spent on other necessities.

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