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6 New Year’s Eve Traditions to Bring Prosperity

Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to get ready to ring in the New Year, but don’t go rushing headlong into 2018 just yet. Now is the ideal time to think of new ways to make this upcoming year the best ever. For example, if you found yourself relying too much on payday loans in years past, a resolution to start saving for an emergency fund this year could be your goal.

We’ve all made resolutions in the past, but after a few months they invariably tend to fall by the wayside. Sometimes all you need is a little extra inspiration to stick with a resolution, and other times it might take a little extra luck. Here are a few fun and quirky New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world that could give you the extra push you need.

Eating 12 Grapes

In Spain, it’s believed that eating 12 grapes (a grape for every month) at midnight will bring you luck. But if they don’t bring luck, at least it’s a tasty snack and a healthy way to start the New Year off right.

Wear White

In Brazil, wearing white on New Year’s Eve at midnight is believed to bring about peace and harmony in your life, and if you wear yellow, money and fortune are supposed to come your way.

Keep Cash in Your Wallet

It’s commonly believed that by keeping cash in your wallet on New Year’s Eve, you will continue to receive a steady flow of it in the twelve months to come. While you’re at it, why not make it a goal to keep cash on you the whole year?

Sweep, Sweep, Sweep

Before midnight on New Year’s Eve, take out a broom and begin to sweep your front doorway. It’s believed that by doing this, you will keep negativity out of your life in the year to come. If anything, you’ll have a nice clean doorway to begin the year.

Eat Black Eyed Peas and Lentils

A very popular American tradition involves the eating of black eyed peas and lentils on New Year’s. Doing so is believed bring good luck and fortune. Plus, black eyed peas are healthy and full of protein, so stock up on them throughout the year to save on your grocery bill.

Wear Polka Dots

Several different cultures believe that wearing polka dots or carrying coins with you at midnight on New Year’s Eve will bring you prosperity. According to these various cultures, the circular shape represents prosperity.

There you have it. Whether you believe in luck or not, it couldn’t hurt to give some of these traditions a try as you welcome the New Year. But while you’re giving these traditions a go, it’s always a good idea to exercise some more practical traditions. One tradition in particular is setting aside a little bit of money every week for a whole year. It’s more of a challenge than a tradition. But who knows, with some good budgeting practice and a little discipline, you may never need to rely on luck ever again.