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4 Ways That Having Too Much House Could Be Draining the Bank

In the constant search for happiness, both consumers and experts are finding that leading a fulfilled life is achieved by ditching the material goods and learning to live with less. This idea is more commonly known as the “minimalist movement” and it’s been around for some time now. Of course, there are many benefits to learning living with less. A smaller home means less clutter, reduced use of natural recourses, fewer distractions and lower cost. If you’ve needed Tennessee title loans in the past to cover your monthly expenses, then perhaps a re-evaluation of your lifestyle could be in order. Here’s 4 ways that having too much house could be draining your bank account:

Having Too Much Space

Have you ever heard the expression, “less is more?” It’s a phrase that may sound paradoxical at first, but it begins to make sense once you put the philosophy behind it into practice. The more space you have, the more room you have for extra stuff that you really don’t need. By downsizing your home, you’d have enough room for just the things that really matter to you. This simple lifestyle change can prove to be much more fulfilling than a big house full of useless stuff.

Paying Hefty Utility Bills

Having a big house equates to having bigger bills, especially the utility bills. Keeping a 3000 square-foot house cool during the blistering summer heat and warm in the frigid winter cold could cost you upward of several hundred dollars a month. But by downsizing your home, you won’t have to pay nearly as much because your A/C won’t have to work nearly as hard to keep your place cool, and there is less space to keep cozy during the frigid winter months. The less space you have, the less you’ll pay for your utilities.

Being “House-Poor”

Downsizing your home size could help you free up more money to enjoy a better lifestyle. While many people opt for a bigger house, often times, they can barely afford it. They become house poor, meaning most of their money goes straight to their mortgage, leaving them with very little left over for anything else. By opting for a smaller home, you could save a ton on monthly mortgage payments, taxes, and insurance - money you could use to build a savings, save for retirement, travel and generally enjoy your life more.

More Upkeep

A smaller home means less to worry about; less costly bills, less mess and less upkeep. It costs money to keep a big house properly maintained. When there’s more house to look after, there’s more that could potentially go wrong and it costs money to repair or replace those things. Having a smaller home would minimize the cost of upkeep so you can keep your cash for other things.

While downsizing may not seem like the right choice for you, it’s worth looking into, especially if your recent search history includes “find a title loan near me.” By downsizing your home, you could easily find ways to cut your monthly overhead and free up some much-needed cash. You’ll sleep better at night knowing you are no longer a slave to your home, and you are back in control of your financial future. Big things do come in little packages, and when it comes to downsizing your home, less can certainly equate to more.