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11 Halloween Costumes for the Budget-Conscious

October 9, 2018 | By Mason Roberts

With Halloween coming up so soon, it's crunch time when it comes to getting your costume together. Most of us wait until the absolute last second to figure out what to be. Another reason we wait could be that we simply do not have it in our budget. If you’re the procrastinating type on a low budget with Christmas just around the corner, here are some do-it-yourself costumes to help you spend little to nothing this Halloween.


A creepy clown is all about the makeup and hair. By purchasing a wig and some cheap costume makeup, this look is affordable and simple. You can wear overalls if you have them, or even just a white tee shirt and jeans with some fake blood.


A pirate is another simple, unisex costume idea. All you need is a bandana, an eyepatch, and some torn clothing. You may even have most of these items in your wardrobe already. You can wear an oversized, white button-down shirt with black pants that are ripped jaggedly at the ankles. It’s as simple as that.

Sheet Ghost

Well, you guessed it. Throw a sheet over your head with two eye holes cut out and this costume is complete. You’ll be guaranteed to get some laughs with this one.


This futuristic costume can be made with some old cardboard boxes and silver spray paint. Show your creativity with this costume. You may even have some fun making it.

Bunch of Grapes

This humorous costume requires only one item: balloons. Use green or purple balloons to blow up and tape around your body to become a bunch of grapes. Add a cardboard stem on your head for added effect.

Marathon Runner

This costume is one of the most simple. Wear your short shorts or any workout clothes and tape on a runner number onto your shirt. Make your number out of paper and markers. This costume is comfortable and doesn’t require any money.


A scarecrow is another costume that pretty much relies on makeup. Once the makeup is complete, you can wear a plaid shirt with jeans and boots. You can look up a how-to video on the makeup if need be.


This is a cheap idea, but may require some makeup skills. If you are able to paint your face well enough as a spooky skeleton, skip the costume. Wear all black. The face will tell it all and spook people enough to forget about your clothing.

Bubble Bath

Remember the bunch of grapes costume? This is the same concept. Using all white balloons, tape them all over body. Wear a shower cap and carry around a rubber ducky. There you have it: a bubble bath!


For this spooky costume, you'll need medical gauze and brown makeup. Wrap yourself up to look like a mummy with the medical gauze. You may need about 3 or 4 large rolls. With the brown makeup, make dark spots around the costume to make yourself look like you’ve been lying in a tomb for ages and ages.


To be a nerd, you can basically wear anything formal looking in your own closet. What will sell the outfit is a pair of black, thick-framed glasses with some tape around the middle. Throw in a bow tie to add some extra nerdy-ness to your look.

If you are down to the wire and need a costume right away, these tips and tricks may help you throw something together quickly. You may not, however, have enough money for these small purchases. Don’t worry. Do an online search for ”payday loans near me”. This loan will help you with your costume, and even give you the extra cash you might need for the other coming holidays.